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Womens's work - Group show US

The exhibition "Women’s Work", curated by Salon Design Founder Amanda Pratt P’25 at Lehman Art Gallery, serves as a platform for celebrating the breadth and complexity of contemporary craft from the perspectives of twelve female artists. According to American curator and activist Lucy Lippard, “Female techniques like sewing, weaving, knitting, ceramics, even the use of pastel colors (pink!) and delicate lines — all natural elements of art making — were avoided by women'' for fear of being thought of as too feminine and thus irrelevant. The 20th century brought about a shift in how the art world perceived craft, as the work of artists such as Sheila Hicks, Ruth Asawa and Toshiko Takazu began to be recognized as fine art

In the hands of Kajsa Willner, discarded wood transcends its humble origins to become a medium for artistic expression and social commentary. Reflecting on the contemporary design landscape, Willner's ethos resonates with a revival of the Craft Punk movement from Milan in the early 21st century. Beyond its rebellious connotations, Craft Punk embodies a spirit of fearless defiance, individuality despite pressure to conform; the drive and inspiration to make something from nothing; finding beauty in things that are imperfect and asserting one’s voice despite restricted opportunities., and sustainability—a sentiment deeply ingrained in Willner's practice. Renowned for her interdisciplinary artistry, Willner seamlessly merges research-based methodologies with experimental design, resulting in objects with a narrative that challenge the boundaries of convention.

Crafted through an intuitive process, Willner's creations are guided by the uniqueness and singularity of each waste wood piece. Resulting in an aesthetic expression that explores the space between sculptural form and functional object. This intuitive free craft technique, born from her previous solo exhibition titled "Crafted Potential" in 2023, emerged from her exploration of how to refine various industrial waste materials from furniture production. Through innovative methods, Willner breathes new life into these discarded remnants, seamlessly integrating them into case studies that illustrate the material's potential to be seen as a raw material with renewed purpose.



David Möller

Black & Steil



Amanda Pratt

Artists - "Womans work"

 Sina Dyks, Jessica Switzer Green, Pernille Snedker Hansen, Brit Kleinman, Sam Klemick, Rosie Li, Manon Steyaert, Elisa Strozyk x Sarah Lee, Fernanda Pompermayer, Christina Watka and Kajsa Willner.  


Lehman Art Center - "Womens work"

Feb.23. - Apr.27. 2024

Salon design gallery - "Color theory" 

New York, US May.9. - 2024


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