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Kajsa Willner (Swedish, born 1982) is an industrial designer based in Malmö, Sweden. Willner's work is driven by a strong interest in materials, interdisciplinary collaboration, and to pave the way for designers to work and take place in new ways. She achieves this by continually questioning and bravely challenging herself and her surroundings.


Kajsa runs a playful, research-based, and experimental studio practice where her self-initiated projects are often inspired by the beauty of science in nature. She is questioning current systems and status quo, by focusing on using design as a tool to encourage new perspectives and future progress that goes beyond the product.


Her work is characterized by a desire to explore various possibilities through interdisciplinary project collaborations, including communicating science and academic research and developing sustainable materials from industrial leftovers. In her latest project, "Crafted Potential," she explores different methods and approaches to reintroduce residual materials into the manufacturing process, proposing a more liquid scalable production system for furniture manufacturers. 


Overall, Willner's style blends various influences, employing an intuitive design process that allows the inherent qualities and potential of each material to guide the final design in terms of form and aesthetics. Her work encompasses sculptures, materials, installations, and communicative exhibitions that merge research, craftsmanship, science, and nature.


She holds a bachelor's degree in furniture design from Rome and Milan and worked in the Netherlands before returning to Sweden to establish her own studio in 2013. Kajsa has received awards and commissions and has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. Kajsa is also one of the founders of Formgivarpodden, along with Karin Olu Lindgård, with a mission to broaden the conception of Scandinavian design and the role of designers.


2023, Paris design week, Expressive_itinerance_design, FR

2023, Stockholm design week, Fogia Collection, SWE

2022, Stockholm Craft week, Misschiefs SWE

2022, Stockholms Auction house, Future Antiques, SWE

2022, Collectible, Curated Section BEL

2021/2022, RIMOWA, As seen by , 3575 Gallerie Paris FR, Berlin DE

2021, QB gallery, Cup exhibition NOR

2021, Misscheifs, 8 Female designers, Stockholm design week, SWE 

2020, Materiality & Aggregation, Solo show, Form design / center, SWE

2020, Curio Matter Rethinking Materials, Romanian design week, RO

2019, Designmuseum Danmark and CHART ART - CURIO Matter rethinking Materials, DK

2018, What Matters, Dutch design week, NL

2016, Welcome to weden, Swedish pavillion, London design week, Somerset house, ENG

2015, The New Map; Traveling exhibition Rhööiska museet, Nationalmuseum, Vandalrum, SWE

2011, 100 years of craft, Liljevalchs, SWE


The cultural council, project aid 2022

Scania Design Award, project aid 2022

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee one year working grant 2021

The Artists’ Committee Regional Pandemic Crisis Scholarship 3, 2021

Region Skåne’s Cultural Administration Crisis Support for the Cultural Sector

Region Skåne’s Cultural Administration Artistic Development Aid, 2020

Svensk Form Syd designer of the year 2020

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee one year working grant 2020

The Swedish Arts Council Crisis support for Cultural Life, 2019

Malmö kulturnämd one year Ateljé scholarship

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee Travel scholarship, 2017

A Design Award bronz winner, 2016

Artist in recidence, Oronsko Polish center of Sculpture one month, 2015

Ung Svensk Form Nominee, 2014 



Functional Art Pieces made by the designer in smaller editions


Functional Art Pieces, Furniture & Products, Site Specific Installations, Public Procurement, Artistic Curation of Interior and Spaces, Exhibition Design


Fogia Collection, Olsson&Gerthel, Rimowa, Misschiefs, Swedese, Fagerhult, Collectible, Adorno, Hallands Art Museum, Galerie Philia, Designmuseum Danmark, Form design / center, Sprouds, Studio Malmö, Applicata, Kanozi architects, Konsthantverkcentrum, Art & Science Initiative, Linnéaus University Design, Kalmar University Design, Southern Sweden Creatives, Tourism in Skåne, Lunds University, Steps research program, Stora Enso Nymölla, Southern Sweden design days, Jenny Nordberg, Southern Sweden Design Days

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