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Self produced 


Does the world need another sleek, lightweight chair? 

Astrid Lindgrens character Emil in Lönneberga runs to his wooden shed (Snickerboa)

to lock himself away from the disapproving world. In the shed he passes his time by carving and creating wooden figures.


For this project I also felt the need to lock myself away from all existing design ideas.

To find my own boundaries, and to find a new way to combine them; thats why I call the project “Till snickerboa ränner jag/To my wooden shed I run”.

Snickerboa chair is about exploring boundaries, processes and context; to juxtapose the industrial design versus traditional Swedish craftmanship. The braided birch bark and bent wood versus raw, rigid, rough-and-ready.


Design is process.


Jodi Kelly 


 Stilwerk Berlin, Nationalmuseum, Vandalorum with Young Swedish Form in 2014/15

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