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Spatial design


Tourism in Skåne and Form / Design Center organized a press tour under the name “Skånes Design Stories. Kajsa Willner was assigned the job as curator and exhibition architect for the welcome dinner and hostess for the experience.


“Tonights Special” Was the concept Willner developed for this exclusive dinner installation where nine international design journalists and 10 Scanian design studios were invited by Form design center to meet, talk and enjoy a five-course dinner at the Saltimporten restaurant in Malmö. During one evening, the interior at Saltimporten was transformed into an installation with contemporary works by Skåne’s designers in a curated exhibition that captured the Swedish pure spring light. All in a setting where personal meetings, contemporary physical works and shared design stories were presented and merged with the taste and aroma of locally produced food, cooked and served by the chefs from Saltimporten; To perceive a sense of Skåne. 


Rebecca Thandi, Rachel Manroe, Freya McOmish

Kajsa Willner


Tourism in Skåne


 Hi on Life/Malin Busk, Superlab, Kauppi Kauppi, Wang & Söderström, Lousie Hederström & Carina Grefmar, Jenny Nordberg, Andreason & Leibel, Jenny Lee, Milan Kosovic, Lisa Hilland, Jens Fager, Kajsa Willner.

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