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Shoreline, Jellyfish and Sand


A product development of the shelves from Magic water a solo exhibition in 2022

The sea is deep, dark and powerful, and the waves crash over land incessantly. When the water hits a rock, it does not stop but just continues to flow around it. The movements of water are liquid and flowing, while at the same time possessing an enormous and invisible potential. The shelves are capturing snapshots of the flowing movements of the water and the life within it.


Dimensions: Rectangular standing (Jellyfish) 33x65x0.1 Dept:16.5

laying (Shoreline) 49x65,5x0.1 Dept: 19,

Small (Sand) 25.5x33x0.1 Dept: 11.5cm


 David Möller


How to purchase?

Email at, with item description and quantity. 

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