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Commissioned by RIMOWA


Traveling enriches our understanding of various people,

creativity, culture and nature.

Two imaginative travelers: Little monster and Mr. Strictly was brought forward to the exhibition As seen by in Paris at gallery 3537 on comission by Rimowa. The pieces use light, polarized filters and stress caused by the designer in plastic to reveal birefringence that allows different colors to pass through. Aluminium reflects light and mirrors its surroundings. Without light, reflection and different wavelengths that hit the eye we would not be able to experience the beauty of the world, its variations, colours and contrasts. There are many ways to travel to physical places, through art, by science, mind and heart. Or where an outer journey brings an inner journey to life, like the newborn friendship of Little Monster and Mr. Strictly on their first joint trip to Paris.


The Community Paris


3537 gallery

As seen by - 2021


Atelier Sohn Imruh Asha Thomas Ballouhey

Fabian Bergmark Näsman Paul Créange Teresa Fernández-Pello

Sigve Knutson Irina Lotarevich Niceworkshop Frederik Nystrup-Larsen

Objects of Common Interest Dorian Renard Nick Ross

Klemens Schillinger Oliver Sundqvist

Michal Sycz, Tim Teven Texmosa Quentin Vuong Kajsa Willner

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