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Commissioned by Designmuseum Danmark


Matters presents five young Nordic designers who show

a visionary approach to rethink how materials,

ranging from the synthetic to the organic, can shape

new conceptual ideas for a more sustainable future.

A custom made installation of Polarized portrait was made for an exhibition presenting 5 Nordic artists work on show for the outdoor gallery-space at Design Museum Denmark. In curation by CHARTs CURIO initiative 2019 in close collaboration with Designmuseum Danmark. 

Polarized portraits operates by using polarized light to reveal stress patterns in various disposable plastic, mimicking the function of a polarized light microscope. A project born from a interdiciplinary collaboration with material researcher in 2017.

Through exploration of the properties of polarized light – an optical phenomenon that occurs when waves of light oscillate in a single plane – light polarizers and different disposable plastics were used to play with bending, blocking and transforming light and force interference in the plastic to create various colorful material portraits. .


Polarized Site installation at designmuseum Danmark was designed to come alive when darkness has entered like the moon, revealing hidden colors and gradient spectrums in the plastic creating a material portraits for people passing the museum at night.


Freya McOmish


Ulrika Christiansen

Pernille Stockmarr

Exhibited during CHART ART 2019 August at Designmuseum Danmark until Mars 2020 

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