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Collaboration with Stoft Studio


A showroom and exhibition concept on wheels

that freely could move around the city displaying

design items from local designers,

artist and craft persons

Equals Nomad was developed to work as a mobile showroom and an exhibition concept

on wheels to be able to move around with the entire city as its exhibition space.With the possibility to frame various type of objects and products inside it the idea was to create an exhibition platform that facilitate work from designers, artist and craft practioners work.  


= Nomad has been used as an exhibition platform to present curated exhibitions at

Form design / center, at Malmö Live and at London design festival. A custom made design caravan have been sold to STUDIO for start-up companies to sell their goods in the entrance. The original design caravan is sold to Southern Sweden design days to work as plat-form to sell designed items during the fair.


 Marcus Brunström

Ulrika Kestere



Southern Sweden Design Days

It is possible to order a design caravan. For sales information email:


Artists' Committee

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