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Commission by Malmö city & Öppna Malmö

250 handmade sculptures

Open Malmö is the city's platform for raising questions about racism, inclusion and initiatives that unite people. Kajsa Willner was given the commission to design 250 sculptures. Featuring identical shapes, incorporating a heart symbol and the inscription "#unitedbymalmo," alongside the phrase "One Heartbeat - United by Malmö

Willners concept is titled "Smältdegel". The term Smältdegel / "melting pot" is employed metaphorically to describe situations where people, cultures, ideas, and phenomena blend—a characteristic not only of Malmö as a city but also of its inhabitants. It denotes multiculturalism, where diverse immigrant cultures intertwine without significant government or public intervention, shaping a society where disparate elements fuse into a collective culture. For me, this embodies the essence of the "Malmö mood."

The shape and visual expression of the artistic object are inspired by the material clay and its malleability. Malmö as a city is experiencing rapid growth, necessitating constant shaping and reshaping to evolve and keep pace with the times. Each of the 250 sculptures commissioned by the city of Malmö and Open Malmö is handmade, united by the same shape but entirely unique in color and pattern. To underscore the significance of every resident, whose unique characteristics and experiences contribute to shaping the vibrant multiculturalism of Malmö.

The Sculptures are positioned outdoors, scattered across the city of Malmö.

Each sculpture weighs approximately 1.2 kilograms and is crafted from white concrete, ensuring resilience against Sweden's varying weather conditions throughout the year. The design was carefully crafted to strike a balance: sturdy enough to withstand wind yet light enough for easy movement, enabling Malmö residents to interact with and even take possession of these symbolic sculptures. 


One Heartbeat By Malmö

Public Procurement

250 outdoor sculptures


Commission by 

Malmö stad and Open Malmö


Read more about Malmö citys initiative Open Malmö here:

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