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Self Produced 


Water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing,

in the end, can stand against it.

Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone.

Margaret Atwood

With the holistic exhibition Magic Waters, designer Kajsa Willner opens up to a parallel reality. Here, barriers limiting the essence of design are broken down. Here, she lets us dance, scream or just be to the lyrics of freedom and playfulness. It feels like stepping into a fictional world,

a collage of inner thoughts and dreams objectified in elements reminiscent of furniture. At first glance, one is visually exposed to objects playing with structure, movement, tactility and colour that lets the minds wander in the directions of the sea, and on further inspection one recognizes these as a armchair, pouffs and vases. Inspired by seagrass and seaweed, the waves, sounds and colours of the sea, Willner finds strength and invites us to be present and in tune with our emotions. 

Not unlike the feeling of knowing the characters in a Margaret Atwood novel, the objects in

Magic Waters leave the viewer with a sense of belonging, and a sense of freedom in interpretation. Like the introspective, nonlinear poetry of Atwood, Kajsa Willner opens up

to her own visual interpretation of what is at stake in the world right now. In this post-pandemic world, climate change and war is not a distant fear, but a reality that outlives imagination and even the most prized, dystopian sci-fi novel by Atwood. We need to feel a sense of calm and tranquillity both physically and mentally and Magic Waters is a small gate into another universe. Here, freedom and hope are set free - and playfulness is in full bloom. Here, a collage of objects makes for a shared space to gather strength, a space that touches us. In order to be able to face reality as it is without being drained of hope, we need a space to recover, gather and just be.

To discover, sense and wonder.


When grounded and strong, together we can combat

major future challenges - like the water does.


 David Möller


Henriette Normark 

Exhibited during Southern Sweden Design Days

Exhibited durin Stockholm Craft week at Misscheifs

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