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Invited designer to CUP exhibition


Finding humor in a bad morning mood

Swedish designer Kajsa Willner is one of 38 international artists and designers invited to take part in the exhibition CUP, initiated and curated by danish design duo Pettersen & Hein and art historian Camilla Schmidt during the pandemic.


Willner’s project, Coffee Cup Realism, is a personal and humoristic interpretation of the drama that all too often unfolds during the designer’s own morning routine. Rather than being a peaceful pause with time for reflection, the tedious morning chores frequently result in a time of stress and frustration with coffee spilled everywhere. A kitchen sink realistic scene staged in a domestic setting as an unpolished, naturalistic representation of ordinary life.


David Möller


Helena Poneli


Pettersen & Hein + Camilla Smidth



Alexander Kirkeby (DK), Ali Shah Gallefoss (NO), Audar Kantun (NO)

Bahraini-Danish (DK/BH), Bull & Krogstad (NO), Cathrine Raben Davidsen (DK)

Carl Emil Jacobsen (DK), Cody Hoyt (US), David Taylor (UK),

Henrik Ødegaard (NO) Jenny Nordberg (SE), Johanne Marie Jensen (DK),

Jon Pilkington (UK) Kajsa Willner (SE), Karl Monies (DK),

Kasper Hesselbjerg X Claus Haxholm (DK) L.A. /  Anne Strandfelt & Lizet Hee Olesen (DK),

Lars Worm (DK) Marianne Skarbøvik X Victoria Günzler (NO),

Marta Armengol (ES) X Paul Hance (F) Marthe Elise Stramrud (NO),

Pettersen & Hein (NO/DK), Philipp Schenk-Mischke (D) Play with Fire (DK),

Rasmus Høj Mygind (DK), Rose Eken (DK) Rune Bering (DK),

Stian Korntved Ruud (NO), Theis Wendt (DK) Tron Meyer (NO),

Wang & Söderström (SE)


CPH Art week 2021

QB gallery, Oslo (NO) 2021

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