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Commission Design piece


Commissioned to bring forward a design piece i

n collaborate with a local producer for

the exhibition "Den Nya Kartan"

Burning coal is a major cause of carbon dioxide emissions. Despite the knowledge about this the use of coal is increasing and it is expected to continue doing so.

Coal with its beautiful shiny surface stands in contrast to the materials devastating consequences for both man and earth. When I developed this concept, I was fascinated by the many stories that the material carries and its history. All from the harsh life in the coal mines (like here in Skåne, Höganäs), innovation, development, fuel or just the fact that a diamond is composed of carbon atoms arranged in a particular pattern. Somehow I got caught up in the contradiction that a material that has so much darkness and dirtiness to it, also can be experienced as beautiful visually. In my fascination for the material, I decided to try to transfer that feeling of the material so it would reflect in both shape and material. Using black MDF with  that have a powder that is black and stick everywhere, dangerous to inhale during production to capture the similar characteristics of coal. I made a side table is supposed to be and some jewellery jars that together form a small family that reflects my view of the material coal.


Jenny Nordberg


Ac Snickeri

Marcus Brunström



Form design / center


Unique piece of one sold at Future Antiques Stockholms Auctionhouse 

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